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Trial Flights / Instruction

Trial flights:

Trial flights by prior arrangement, call: 06 80 43 91 75

Possible routes:

City of Luçon (15 min),

Bay of l'Aiguillon (30min),

Les Sables d'Olonne (60 min),....

Reserve your trial flight right now by downloading the reservation coupon

Trial flight 15 mins 45 euros
Trial flight 30 mins60 euros
Trial flight 60 mins100 euros
Trial flight 90 mins145 euros

Total weight of Pilot, Passenger and ULM cannot exceed 450 Kg

Dependant upon favorable weather conditions

For Flight instruction the club has:

An independant state registered instructer and 3-axis microlight adpted for instruction with dual controls.

You can obtain a U.L.M licence at 15 yrs old and there is no upper age limit for flying.

Give it a try : an activity that many think is beyond their means is available to you!

PricesMembersStudentsFriends of the club
Annual mebership
80 Euros
60 Euros
74 Euros
Flying hour
65 Euros
60 Euros 
Instruction Flying hours + Instructor's fee

Pre-paid packages
3 hours
192 Euros
9 hours
560 Euros
15 hours
918 Euros
25 hours
1500 Euros


Monthly flying time for the Guepy Club in 2008

Luçon Microlight base LF8528

Lat. 46°25'27" N - Long. 1°11'38" W
Alt. 46ft (14m) [1,7 hPa/mb]
Grass runway (330m X 22m) [12-30] S-SW of the city of Luçon.
Circuit obligatory to the south at 600ft.
Turbulance on the 30 axis.
Low Altitude Regulated Zone R147A - NOTAM: La Roche/Yon 0800 24 54 66

To reserve the Guepy club, click the link OpenFlyers (members only)

And for those who love french food, here's a list of aerodrome restaurants



A friendly atmosphere, on the edge of a 43 hectare lake.

To the north:

- at 400m, a model aircraft club.

- at 900m, the Leisure area Les Guifettes, Accommodation / Restaurant    http://www.domainedesguifettes.com

- at 4000m, the city centre of Luçon

Hangar / Fuel possible, contact the club in advance:

Michel Le Roux
06 80 43 91 75
Bernard Nicolas
05 46 29 21 78
Deputy Secretary-Treasurer
Albert Seguinot
06 07 73 06 42
Organiser club sorties
Jean-Louis Travadel
06 77 86 09 16
Web site design and maintenance
Jean-Michel Simon
06 13 49 38 56
Microlight Instructors
Patrick Chevrollier
Claude Canteau
06 86 71 44 51
06 09 74 11 32


The 2 last news

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